We have updated and evolved our program over the years, and we are so proud of our new program: The Real Gal Experience.

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We started “Not Your Average Boot Camp” because we realized there was a need for a fitness studio for women just like this one.  A comfortable place you could go workout where you could count on good vibes, down-to-earth people, and good tunes. One where you don’t have to wait in line for machines, feel self-conscious about your lack of knowledge, or be around a bunch of meatheads.

A place such as this didn’t exist—not even close—when we opened up the doors to “Not Your Average Boot Camp”. We went out and assembled an amazing team of some of the best trainers in Orlando and put together a program based on all our experience and education.

We’re talking awesome, results-oriented workouts. No thinking required after you walk through the door. Fun, knowledgeable and friendly trainers. Welcoming, friendly and like-minded women. Casual, fun and definitely not stuffy. It’s the kind of gym we would would personally go to. We designed everything with one thing in mind: “What would we want in a women-only gym?”

To make sure everybody always has a good time, that we get you the results we commit to deliver, and to keep our members loving life and loving the workouts, we have an established set of “House Rules”.

That way you get all the information right off the bat—just to eliminate any confusion. Our loyal members love this no-nonsense approach to business these policies represent, and it allows us to just focus on helping you make major changes to your body and your life. After all, that’s why you came to this site, right?

We know you have TONS of options out there when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape. While we’re always working to improve our operation, we know you can’t please everyone all of the time. It’s only natural that some people will like what we offer at “Not Your Average Boot Camp” and others will not. We’ve never tried to be all things to all people. We just do what we do, and we pride ourselves in being the best at it!

Our unique business philosophy has helped us develop a remarkably diverse customer base of really awesome clients—some have been with us for years. From teachers and executives to event planners and moms, our loyal members defy categorization, except maybe to say that they’re all cool. We really enjoy hanging out with them. They “get” us. They appreciate “Not Your Average Boot Camp” for what it actually is – not what they think it should be. These wonderful souls have made our success possible over the years, and we sincerely thank them for their continued support. It’s all about the love, people.

Your results are priority numero uno to us.

We aren’t your typical gym that just cares about how many active memberships they have out there. It’s not a numbers game to us. We want our members coming in regularly, enjoying the crap out of it and dying to come back for more.

That might seem weird—that we don’t want people if they’re coming. But that’s not how we roll. How can we guarantee to take you to the “promised land” of results if you aren’t coming in—if you aren’t seeing results? We promise to give you the blueprints, the tools, the knowledge and MOJO you need melt those inches away and finally make that dream body a reality.

This is no amateur show. We aren’t messing around.

We don’t just have you come in, flail around and do arbitrary exercises. We are all about strategy (or “strategery” as Will Farrel from SNL would say). This isn’t an “oh, if they’re sweaty and tired, we did a good job” type of facility. We go by the latest and best in fat loss science and research.

Would it make you feel better knowing that there is in fact a “right way” and a “wrong way” to eat and exercise for weight loss? Would it make you feel doubly awesome to know that we’re always on the cutting-edge and in the know about the latest and most accurate news. We’ll never tell you to do something just because “we said so”.

There’s always a method to the madness—even though we’ll probably tell you the exact opposite of what other people are telling you. Or we might talk about things that no one else is talking about…like mobility and octopuses (true story). And we’re totally cool with going against the grain. We’re on the cutting edge of fat loss, fitness and how to work STRATEGICALLY. And we don’t apologize for it.


We give “slackers” and “magic pill poppers” fair warning:

We really want you to know this isn’t one of those “lose 100 lbs in a week” schemes. Our program works because it involves hard work, self-discipline, motivation and accountability. We aren’t saying that to scare you, we’re just saying: if you’re looking for a “magic pill” that will instantly “melt” the fat off your body, this is not the program for you. I would move on.

But if you’re willing to put the time and energy into this—really put your heart into this—you just need a little help…a little guidance. You just need somebody to hold your hand a bit and lead you to the promised land…then lets hug it out, high five or just jump up and down like schoolgirls. Cause we’re gonna get along great =)

We are officially a “No B.S.” zone.

You might be skeptical. We see what other programs out there are offering or claiming. We’ve seen the same late-night infomercials you’ve seen. The fake testimonials. The obviously paid actors. But here’s our personal guarantee to you: everybody featured anywhere on this website is a real person that we’ve personally trained. Every testimonial is real. Every claim is genuine. There has been no airbrushing, retouching, or Photoshopping in any way. These are real people that achieved real results and made drastic life-altering changes in their lives. Every one of them.